【Only for Teens!】FutureHACK Tokyo 2018 (Deadline: 9/10 23:59pm)

Let's “Live, Learn, Create and Change” in this Autumn together.
‘FutureHACK Tokyo’ will come to Japan as there first time !! YOU'll be the one join this program, start your own business and make our society better. Don't miss the chance !!

※This program will be held only for teenagers! / All the programs will be held mailnly in English.


→MITの起業家教育プログラム“MIT Bootcamp”より、日本唯一の認定講師をはじめ豪華講師陣が来日!


日時 2018年09月23日(日) 14:30~17:30 Kick Off 【Sundays:14:30-17:30 / Wednesdays:17:00-21:00】
開場時間 14:00
料金 無料
定員 30名
会場 TOKYO創業ステーション1階 Startup Hub Tokyo
東京都千代田区丸の内2-1-1 明治安田生命ビル
主催者 Startup Hub Tokyo

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What is “FutureHACK”!?

“FutureHACK ” will launch as a Global Innovators Bootcamp based on tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership immersive for teenagers. In the summer of 2018, they brought a very select group of  50 students from 17 countries to MIT to “LIVE, LEARN, CREATE and CHANGE”, turning them from ordinary students to Innovators and Leaders with Entrepreneurial Superpowers!


With the help of world-class entrepreneurs from MIT  and top CEOs as instructors, students “learn how to turn their dreams and passions into solutions, and their solutions into a revolution.”


More about FutureHACK:


※This program will be held in English.


The First Introduction Day【23th(Sun) September, 2018】
The Final Demo Day    【31th(Wed) October, 2018】


・The Basic Program【All need to attend / Sundays:14:30-17:30 & Wednesdays:17:00-21:00】
23th(Sun) September,7th(Sun),10th(Wed),14th(Sun),17th(Wed),21th(Sun),24th(Wed),28th(Sun),31(Wed) October


・The Optional Program【Free to attend / Under Adjustment】
12th(Fri)PM & 13(Sat)All Day & 14(Sun)AM October


※The schedule might be subject to change.

The future is global, and it happens here!

1.Build Teams:Build a team and friendship for life.

2.Ideate:Learn hacking and bring ideas to lie.

3.Hustle:Build and idea together to change the world.

4.Demo!:Demo your idea to investors, entrepreneurs, and instructors of MIT entrepreneurship community.

Our Recommends

Point1:Full Support from MIT Entrepreneurship Community
 With MIT Bootcamp as the knowledge partner in curriculum and Certified MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp instructors as mentors, we provide intense, rigorous, and world-class youth entrepreneurship training. Participants will receive a MIT Bootcamp Certificate.


Point2:Collaborate with Teams, Compete Globally
 All participants will build a team and solve a problem they all care about, through building an idea, creating a prototype and doing filed researches in the filed of Tokyo. All lectures and communications will be conducted in English language.


Point3:Play, Learn, and build your Creative Confidence
 Participants with various levels of tech, programing and hardware experience can be introduced with those skills to bring their ideas to life.

How to apply

・The participants: Only Teenagers !!
※Teenager: Junior or Senior high school Students, Technical College Students, International School Students(中学生、高校生、高専生、インターナショナルスクール生)


・Click the apply button (above or below),then please let us know about Yourself through these 2 topics.(Within 250 words.)
 Q1: About yourself: What is your character,love and hate,life dream and so on !?
 Q2: About your idea for your business: What is your specific idea and view !? Whom,would you like to make smile in the future !?

※English native ones can apply from this google form too.
(In that case,you don’t have to apply from our Startup Hub Tokyo web site.)


・Deadline    【10th(Mon)  September 23:59pm, 2018】
・Announcement【14th(Fri)  September, 2018】


・The participants will be selected by the report.
・All the information for your application will be used just for this program selection.
・You prefer attend whole program in principle.If you can’t attend for a(some) program,please let us know the date(s) and your situation before your apply.


Top Notch Instructors and Mentors from MIT Entrepreneurship Community


Ms.Ning Shirakawa
(MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Certified 
Instructor / Co-Founder of Taktopia & Co.)
-MIT Sloan Class of 2014. Created and run entrepreneurship and empowering programs for Asian youths since 2013, and has empowered more than 3,000 students thus far.
-Renowned entrepreneurship education advocate in Japan and China


Mr.Joseph Joeong
(Futurehack Founder,Singularity University Mentor)
-MIT Certified Entrepreneurship Instructor
-Co-Founder of FutureHack and EXLhub, Mentor and Advisor, Tsinghua X-Lab & Chinaccelerator, Vice Chairman of YIDA HK (Youth Innovation & Development Alliance) and Wall Street Veteran and co-founder of two investment firms



Mr.Yu Nagai
(CEO and Representative Director at TAKTOPIA & 
Co. / Co-Founder of Habataku Inc.)
-empowering the selection of the global ways of life for young people


Mr.AJ Perez
(NVOBOTS Co-founder / Chairman)
-MIT Mechanical Engineering Class of 13
-2015 Fast Company’s Most Innovative Education Company
-The co-inventor of world’s only fully automated 3D printer


Mr.Andrew Ngui
(Senior Program Manager, MIT Bootcamps)
-Focusing on marketing and alumni engagement


Mr.Andrew Gaines
(Pocket Gems Inc. Product Manager)
-Stanford University MBA
-Dedicating efforts to creating world-famous games



TAKTOPIA & Co      


MIT Bootcamp        


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